Volunteer for 2018 Melbourne Korea Week Festival

Organisers for the 2018 Melbourne Korea Week Festival are inviting volunteers to join the event during 10 & 11 November, 2018 at Queensbridge Square.

Activities during this festival have included:

  • Taekwondo demonstrations,

  • Korean food stalls and

  • Traditional Hanbok fashion shows

This festival will also showcase not just Korean culture, but also a diverse range of performances from other countries like Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey, with the Victorian Minister of Multicultural Affairs, Robin Scott, praising it as an ‘exemplary example of multicultural events’.

Previous volunteer duties have included:
- Managing and dealing with general queries at the information desk
- Directing, navigating and interacting with both customers and VIP’s at the festival
- Assisting in operating and promoting various festival stalls
- Assisting in stage management

How to Apply:
If you are interested and think you’d be a great candidate, please email your resume and cover letter to: events@mofa.go.kr by 1st of October, 2018