Year 9

Students undertake a broad range of subjects in Year 9, as outlined on the Suzanne Cory High School website. In the middle of Year 9, students attend the Subject Expo, and choose their study options. Options allow students choice to focus on specific aspects of the curriculum, whilst still completing the core components of a subject.

Year 10

In Year 10 students undertake a broad range of subjects, as outlined on the Suzanne Cory High School website. Within these subjects students complete Core studies, and have the opportunity to personalise their studies through subject Options.

In the middle of Year 10, student attend the Subject Expo and Course Counselling Day to assist them to choose their VCE program. Early access to VCE 3/4 subjects is restricted to students who have completed relevant Options, and have met the academic and attendance requirements.

Year 11

In Year 11, students undertake 6 subjects. Some students are approved for early access to VCE Unit 3/4. Students will only be approved for early entry to VCE unit 3/4 if they have demonstrated all of the following:

1. That they are achieving at least at the expected level in English and Mathematics

2. That they are achieving above the expected level in the subject area for which they are applying for Early Access to unit 3/4

3. That they consistently submit work on time

4. That they consistently meet the school’s attendance requirements.


It is important that students choose their VCE program carefully, by considering:

1. What they enjoy

2. What they will be successful in

3. The teaching style of the subjects

4. The prerequisite entry requirements for tertiary study.

Check the VCE Structure page for additional details regarding VCE and ATAR calculations.

Year 12

Year 12, students undertake either 5 Unit 3/4 subjects at school OR 4 Unit 3/4 subjects at school and 1 external subject. The external subject may be a VCE subject not offered at SCHS (such as a family languages), a VCE (VET) subject, or a higher education study. External subjects must be completed outside of school hours.