Understanding VCE

VCE provides great opportunity to create your own study plan. Generally students undertake 6 subjects at Year 11 (which may include Unit 3/4 subjects, if approved), and 5 subjects at Year 12. It is important to choose subjects that:

  • You will enjoy
  • You will be successful in
  • Are taught in a style that suits you
  • Will teach you content you find valuable
  • Satisfy prerequisite entry requirements for tertiary study
  • That provide a breadth of knowledge to assist you to be a Renaissance Person.

Avoid choosing subjects based on:

  • Scaling
  • Friendship groups

ATAR Calculation

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is the main selection requirement for entry into undergraduate courses in Australia.

The aggregate score is calculated based off a student's scaled study scores. The aggregate score is then converted in an ATAR using a conversion table. The aggregate is calculated by adding:

  • 100% of a student's English (or EAL, English Literature or English Language) scaled score
  • 100% of a student's top 3 subject scaled scores
  • 10% of the remaining 2 subject scaled scores

The subjects that contribute 100% of their score are known as the Top 4.

Some courses offer Bonus Aggregate Points for related subjects. You can check these Bonus Points using VTAC Coursesearch.

Example ATAR Calculation

Below is an example of the ATAR calculation. Please see the Year 10 Guide for additional examples and details of VCE and tertiary study.

ATAR calculation.PNG